Hello I’m Emily Saunders. I’m a website designer with comprehensive skills in CMS, HTML, and CSS.  My goal is to create a clean, functional, and user friendly website.  As years goes by, I’ve become a fully freelance designer and I’ve been working with many people around the world for the last two years.

Being a freelance website designer for a while has given me a deeper love to my job.  With various type of clients with different kind of purpose make me in search for the most suitable method to fulfil my client’s goal.  Thus, I always try to take the simples codes that can be understood by everyone.
Being a freelance would means that I have a mobile office.  I can work anywhere from my house, a café, or even my clients’ office to work closely with them.  The flexibility location can become my personal entertainment because I can meet different people in different environment.  Another thing that can actually relieve my stress is some coffee during work time and plenty of snacks.

But the best part of being me is not my job.  The one that can become my getaway are my little angels Kyra, Scott, Allison, and my hubby Liam.  They support me in my ups and downs and that’s what makes me think that they are the best gift I’ve ever had in life.

I’ve made this blog a reflection of me.  It’s a portfolio, diary, and a knowledge sharing media from me to the world.  If you want to know me more or simply want to ask some questions about website design, feel free to contact me.